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Purpose of this Wiki will be to file class assignments. Although I think I may have the Team Page be the Home Page and only access to the Wiki.

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Susan Reneau
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Please check www.professorwu.com for the Nokia assignment. Also, I have updated the Teams page with everyone in Catalyst and everyone who was in the class last week.

I'm going to have you directly send me the answers to the Nokia questions. This can be done in teams or done individually. Please make sure 2008 Nokia is in the subject of the email and that everyone's name is in the document at the top if you submit as a team and your name is on the top if you submit individually. Also - please bring one physical copy to class. If it is a team then it has to be in the format of at least 2 engineers and 2 MBAs and no more than 5 on a team. You will of course need to change the wiki and you may create a name for the team.

Please delete your name if you have dropped the class. If you are registered - then feel free to add your name but make sure that there are at least 2 engineers and 2 MBAs in every group. A group shouldn't have more than 5 people.

There are a number of projects that I have been thinking about. You may suggest your own also. One was already suggested by a student.

1) A foreign organization wants to create linkages in Silicon Valley by creating a new Corporate Venture Capital unit for innovation. What is the history of Corporate Venture Capital for the purposes of innovation and what recommendations would you make for this organization? How would you staff and structure the compensation of the organization? Who are the leaders in the industry? What happened to organizations such as Cisco and Nokia?

2) A foreign organization developing SAAS applications wants to rapidly expand with product acquisitions in the SAAS space with a new Silicon Valley presence. Understanding thier unique distribution channels to the SME space and limited cash flow - what approach would you take to acquiring and/or developing new products? What companies would you recommend for partnership/acquisition/or imitation.

3) Web Enabled Consumer Electronics (Roku, Kindle, VieraCast TV) are a new breed of web-enabled internet devices. Take your team through a realistic similation of how a US organization might develop a new product for Panasonic. Learn what questions might be asked and understand development of a new product in a foreign organization might be different than development of a new product in a US organization.

4) Both a pharmaceutical opthomological startup and a synthetic blood startup wants to pursue a market in China but raise funding from US Venture Capitalists. Compare and contrast the FDA processes, iP Protection and distribution channels/value chains between the two countries.

Some of you may know companies that you needs a real "international technology project". Feel free to suggest it to me and we can discuss.

Feel free to use your team wiki's to start contact with your teammates and decide on these and or any other projects.


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